Xbox One Slim Model Looming, Hints of All New Console Filed with FCC?

According to a couple of recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filings by Microsoft, the Xbox One platform may be getting updated.  While the rumor mill is up and running at full speed on their being a new Playstation 4, called “Neo” at this time, possibly seeing release this year, the Xbox crowd has been rather silent.  Currently the rumors of the PS4 Neo are more matured, as far as rumors can mature, but there is hard evidence on the Xbox side of this equation.  FCC filings.

First up, it looks like Microsoft is planning on upgrading the wireless chip used in the Xbox One.  This in itself is not all that newsworthy but it is interesting that there are changes going on with the paperwork that has been filed with the FCC.

According to the FCC filings there is at least two revisions to the wireless chip in the Xbox One console.  The original Xbox One console’s wireless chip was approved by the Federal Communications Commission under the name C3K1525.  C3K is Microsoft’s unique identifier with the FCC.

With there being two new wireless chips on file with the FCC it is quite easy to presume that one is for a possible Xbox One “Slim” model.  What is the other wireless chip on file for though?  Could it be a new Xbox platform altogether?  The wireless chips are on file as C3K1682 and C3K1683 respectively.

Over on the NeoGAF forums, user “ekim” has pointed out that C3K1683 contains a document titled “User Manual 1525” but it is currently under a Non-Disclosure Agreement so we are unable to read it.  Interestingly, the bottom of the current Xbox One carries the label “FCC ID 1525”.  This leads the C3K1683 wireless chip to possibly be for the updated Xbox One console, usually referred to as the “slim” model in the past.  There is an NDA on the user manual, test photos etc which expires on June 25th.

So, what is C3K1682’s wireless chip for?  Interestingly, the FCC can’t release photos from the tests for C3K182 till July 29th.  Keep in mind this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is scheduled for June 14th to the 16th.

So what do you think?  Is this proof we will see at least the Xbox One Slim (XboneS?) shown at this year’s E3?  Maybe the next Xbox?

Source: NeoGAF forums and various FCC pages (linked above)

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