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The X Men are a franchise that during the 8-Bit days was horrible in gaming, then got better in the 16-Bit days and had a decent run in the 32-Bit era.  Marvel licensed games have always been hit or miss in gaming.  X Men Days of Future Past is a game based on the incredibly popular comic story arc of the same name (and recent movie that shared a similar plot).  This is a 2D side scrolling action game that would probably fit in well on the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis (two 16-Bit consoles).

There are some hiccups with X Men Days of Future Past as everything is not a bed of roses.  It is cool getting to play a new 2D side scrolling action game using familiar characters like Scarlet Witch, Storm, Wolverine and some others.  I just wish Glitchsoft Games, the publisher behind this one, would have spent a bit more on the polishing stage of game development as they were SO close.

For those not familiar with the story arc, mutants are in a bad situation.  Giant robots called Sentinels roam the landscape and annihilate mutants on the spot.  This is bad news.  The problem is, these Sentinel robots have not just stopped at mutants as they have enslaved most of the United States.  You must help what is left of the X Men in stopping the crux of this situation from happening- the assassination of Senator Kelly.

There is a little bit of light role playing going on here as you can upgrade various powers that the characters have.  You also collect health and other items that help along your journey.

Where things fall apart is the level design.  Things that look like they should be no problem jumping up to are seemingly frustrating affairs due to poor design work.  The animation is fine and the smaller sprites are still large enough to make out who is who and where you are on the screen.  If you are a diehard X Men fan then you probably have already skipped to the bottom of this review and hit the download link.  Good.  Just a heads up, this game runs much better if you have a device, like the GPD XD, that has physical buttons.

X Men Days of Future Past by Glitchsoft Games
Genre: 2D side scrolling action
Platform: Android (GPD XD used for review)
In App Purchases: No
Rated: T for Teen
Available now on Google Play

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