WWE Reveal Smackdown Live and Monday Night Raw Logos

It is interesting that people are up in arms over the new logos for the two leading WWE programs.  I can see some of the anger over the Monday Night Raw logo- it is rather bad but that new Smackdown Live logo is decent.  All in all, I am amazed that fans are mad over this more than they are the draft picks and who went to what show this last week.

First up, the WWE Monday Night Raw logo.  As you can see below, it is basic red with a bit of texture going on.  The “W” is simply an upside down “M” and the whole word is underlined.  Not exactly “cutting edge”- I hope they did not pay too much for that logo.


Next up, the Smackdown Live logo.  Since red is Monday Night Raw’s color, it seems blue and white will remain Smackdown’s colors.  The new Smackdown Live logo is keeping with that color style with Smack and Live in white with Down in blue.


Looking at the logo’s side by side, it appears that Smackdown Live’s logo just feels like it is moving even while sitting still.  Kind of like the 60s Ford Mustang- it just looks like it is tearing away but it is not.  The Monday Night Raw logo appears to just be sitting there, doing nothing.  Maybe it is a subliminal message to the tune of “Raw is standing ground” or something.  Not sure.  The Monday Night Raw logo just looks “bleh” to me, especially compared to the Smackdown Live logo.

At the end of the day, it is all about the quality of the shows that matters.  With the brand split we are going to be seeing a growing phase as new wrestlers make their debuts, feuds are ended (for now) and possibly new feuds can spark up.

What do you think?

Carl Williams

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