WWE Post Draft Could Bombard Championship Titles on Fans

This last Monday Night, WWE’s Monday Night Raw stated they would be running a tournament for the new WWE Universal Championship.  It is interesting to note they did not simply re-introduce the WWE version of the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) title as the new title and have a tournament for that.  Couple this with the fact that last week Stephanie McMahon stated that Monday Night Raw would be the exclusive home to the Cruiserweight Championship.  Already, two new titles announced for Monday Night Raw and we are barely one week post draft.  How will Smackdown Live react to the Cruiserweight Championship since they have cruiserweights on their roster.  What about the tag-team championships, which are on Monday Night Raw with The New Day? 

This was a problem that the WWE faced in the past with previous drafts.  Too many titles.  Even when they had televised competition in the form of World Championship Wrestling, WWE was known to have too many titles.  Who remembers the Hardcore Championship, the European Championship, WWF Canadian Championship, WWF Light Heaveyweight Championship (WWE Cruiserweight title while WCW owned the Cruiserweight Championship) or the Million Dollar Championship?  Remember any of those?  They are all from the last 30 years along with countless others that I ignored as that would take this whole article to detail.

There should be no reason to introduce an alternative to the US Title (Monday Night Raw/Russev) or the Intercontinental title (Smackdown Live/Miz) as those titles are treated as equals in the title hierarchy.

It looks like we will see at least a Smackdown Live version of the tag team titles, WWE Women’s Championship and a Smackdown Live version of the Cruiserweight Championship.  That is five new titles since the draft, at a minimum.  That is not counting titles that may be revived and added to the individual shows as the post draft WWE rolls on.

Do you think there are too many titles in WWE?

Carl Williams

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