Would You Buy a Cell Phone Powered Laptop?

Razer Project Linda

Well, would you? Now, keep in mind, this is not just any cell phone – probably not the one you carry around daily anyhow. While Motorola already tried something like this with their Atrix 4G from a few years ago – the results were not all that “interesting”. That has not stopped Razer from at least showing a mock up at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

Project Linda asks this exact question. Would customers support a laptop powered by their cell phone? The docking station on display at the 2018 CES was apparently a 13.3-inch QHD based unit in an aluminum frame. The docking station does not have a track pad, this is where your Razer cell phone would go. Motorola’s design as the phone docking in the back, behind the screen.

Razer has gone a little farther than just a mockup unit as they were showing off a customized version of Vainglory which featured menu customizations and minimap support.

This brings up the next point. Most cell phone games are designed to run on, well, a cell phone screen. They are not designed to run on a screen that is nearly 14 inches diagonally. Things are not laid out for this type of display and will require developers to come onboard and develop games with Project Linda in mind beforehand, not as an afterthought.

That requires people to support something like Project Linda so that developers see a demand for more games, apps, software, etc. This is the age-old catch 22 that many new platforms face and are unable to overcome. Even with the financial might of a company like Microsoft behind new tech there is no guarantee of success in the marketplace.

Project Linda is just a concept design and is not likely to become available to the public. I would support something like this if it worked with my phone, currently an Huawei Ascend XT. If I have to buy a special phone then no, I would not support this as I would just buy a full-on laptop at that point.

So, would you buy a cell phone powered laptop?

Source: PR Newswire

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