Windows Horror Gaming Fans Receive In Fear I trust via Steam

Just in time for the fearful fun of October we see 1C publish via Steam for Windows a new psychological horror game.  In Fear I Trust is a first person mentally twisted mission to mess with your gray matter between your ears.  Not since the days of the Sega CD and Mansion of Hidden Souls have we seen a mystery style game like this.  The big difference with In Fear I Trust though is that it is not on rails and it is powered by the Unreal Engine (it is also not grainy as hell).

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I wanted a better life for my family and it was only a signature away. The ‘doctors’ told me the contract was just a formality. And now, locked up in this dark reeking cell, that’s really the only thing I remember…”

The story behind In Fear I Trust is interesting.  You are apparently a test subject in a Russian doctors in a facility deep within the Soviet Union (Russians like experimenting, don’t they?).  Playing as Nikolay you are tasked with finding out why.  The hook to In Fear I Trust is that you have this interesting ability to see the past of where you are looking.  This allows you to see scenes, people and actions that took place in key places.  You have to figure out how this ability will help you get out of the situation you are currently in and you don’t have a lot of time to do it either.

PC In Fear I Trust

In Fear I Trust, as mentioned earlier, is a first person perspective title that really limits your view of the game world.  This keeps you focused on what is in front of you and not able to see what is going on around you all that well.  This adds to the psychological horror part, just like it did in Mansion of Hidden Souls on Sega CD.

I am definitely interested in seeing how In Fear I Trust does as it is seemingly the perfect time of year to release such a title.

In Fear I Trust by 1C Company
Developer: Black Wing Foundation
Genre: First Person Psychological Horror
Platform: Windows via Steam digital distribution
Available now on Steam


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