Walmart Pay is Coming, Yet Another “Pay” Option for Mobile Users

We have Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay and even Bitcoin options, soon we can count Walmart Pay with them.  These are all apps that are supposed to make your purchases easier at retail locations.  I guess it would work, at least in theory, since most people already have their cell phone in hand at the register- not always the case with their credit/debit card.  The other “pay” apps are tied to a device manufacturer but useable in just about any retail location that has Near Field Communications machines available.  The Walmart Pay app is the first one that is tied to a specific store. 

Reportedly there were over 22 million people accessing the Walmart app in December of 2015 alone.  That is a lot of people who have the app installed and are accessing it while in the store.  It is not much of a stretch to think those same people would use the app to pay for their items if given the opportunity.  At least Walmart thinks so.

Walmart Pay will apparently be rolled into the current Walmart app that people already use, rather than release a standalone Walmart Pay app.  This would make sense as there are apparently so many that already use the app.  Releasing a second, focused, Walmart app would cause confusion amongst users.

The option to pay with your cell phone via the Walmart app is currently listed in the Walmart app update change log.  It is only listed as “coming soon” but it is there and will eventually be implemented.

When live the Walmart Pay app will require users to open the Walmart app, use the phone’s camera to scan the Walmart Pay code when paying.  This will link the app to the register for security purposes.  Once everything is scanned and the total is available, your card on file within the app will be charged the final value.  Presumably you won’t get a paper receipt when using the Walmart Pay app, the receipt will be saved on your phone.

Along with this looming update, the recent Walmart App upgrade improved receipt tracking.  The app also makes it easier to make an in-store return of merchandise when the need arises.

Currently this update is only shown as coming to the iOS version of the Walmart app.

Carl Williams

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