Vidme, Popular YouTube Alternative Video Streaming Site, To Shut Down

I don’t usually write these types of articles. Vidme is shutting down. The popular YouTube alternative has recently announced that they will shut down effective as early as December 15th, 2017. The site owners have already disabled new user registrations. Also, members are no longer able to upload videos to the site as it prepares to permanently leave the Internet. Members have until December 15th to download any videos they have on the service.

Vidme launched in January 2014 as a place for disgruntled YouTube members to upload their videos with more freedom than Google’s platform offered them. Many will have their own opinions on why Vidme is going under but according to the official post on their blog, it boils down to monetization.

Simply put, Vidme could not effectively monetize the videos that were uploaded to their service. Even YouTube has trouble properly placing advertising with videos that complement the paid ads and they are much bigger than Vidme ever got. YouTube also has TONS of user data available to better serve ads based on accounts (partly thanks to the popular video site being owned by Google).

Money is not the only problem cited in their blog post. Vidme representatives went onto cite Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) costs (video costs A LOT to transfer across the Internet – which is why YouTube has never turned a profit for Google) and trouble keeping content creators on site. The last one is obviously a problem as content creators want their stuff to be seen, they want to interact with others, and most want some form of compensation for their time. That is why most content creators, whether they like it or not, stick with YouTube because some money apparently is better than less money and having more freedom with the content they publish.

Basically, the users killed Vidme. Not enough showed up to support the content that was put up so that more content creators would come over and so Vidme could sell more ads. It is a catch 22 folks, if you want an alternative to the leader of any category, you must support the alternatives.

Source: Vidme

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