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There is a lot going on right now around the world. People are quite upset over President Trump’s recent executive order which restricts people from certain countries entering the United States. This puts a lot of travellers out of touch with their friends and family; it also sets them up for a lot of unexpected out of pocket expenses. Viber, a voice over internet protocol provider, has issued their own response to this travel ban. Unlike other companies that are taking a stance of either for or against, Viber is taking a unique position. One that helps those effected by the travel ban rather than the company itself.

Viber is most popular on mobile devices where users can call each other, and for an additional fee call landlines (there are still people that have those). Considering there are seven countries specifically listed in the travel ban executive order, Viber has decided to offer users in the United States the ability to call landlines in those effected countries for free. This is Viber’s attempt to help users in a positive manner, even if it costs the company a few charges on those calls.

The effected countries are Syria, Iraq, Liby, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, and Sudan. The travel ban was announced late on Friday night which led to confusion for travelers already in route and those attempting to board planes in any of those countries listed.

Viber service uses credits, much like “freemium” mobile games such as Tiny Station 2 or WWE Champions. You use real world money to purchase items in the app, in the case of Viber, those are call credits. 20 minutes of call time to Syria will run you about $5 ($0.25 per minute). For the time being, that cost is set to zero and the user is not charged.

Viber is extending this offer to people in the seven countries to call their loved ones in the United States also.

There is no word on how long this offer will be available.

Source: Viber

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