Verizon Introduces Two New Pre-Pay Plans

Depending on your point of view of Verizon as a cell phone company, you may, or may not, find this news interesting (we have an AT&T centric version here).  Verizon has just announced that they are introducing two new plans to their pre-pay service.  The two new plans are rather interesting and really throw a wrench at companies like AT&T and T-Mobile.

The first new plan is 5 gigabytes for $50 per month.  This is on par with what AT&T has offered for a while now.  This is also the going rate for data across the board – $10 per gigabyte.  Look at this plan as you are buying 5 gigabytes up front and getting phone calls and texting for free.

The second new plan is 10 gigabytes for $70 per month.  This is one of the best prices for this much data from any of the major carriers.  That is $7 per gigabyte.  If you can use Verizon and you are a heavy data user than this is the plan for you.

Now honestly, what person that can afford the $70 per month plan is going to go for that $50 a month plan?  Obviously, Verizon knows this and is pushing the $70 plan to their users.  It is a psychological ploy – they know users want more and will spend the extra $20 per month to have double the data.  This is true for a lot of people, whether they need/use all of that data per month, people will want it.

With the proliferation of free WiFi access points across the United States I have to wonder if anyone really needs 10 gigabytes anymore.  Walmart stores across the nation have free WiFi.  So do most McDonald’s and Taco Bell’s.  If you live, or are near these locations often, then it may not be worth spending your money on the 10 gigabyte plan.  Think before you buy, folks.

Source: Verizon

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