Uncharted- Fortune Hunter Brings Uncharted Integration to Mobile via Spin-Off

Playstation Mobile has just released a mobile spin-off for their popular Uncharted series.  Uncharted – Fortune Hunter is available for both Android and iPhone and with it comes a metric ton of puzzles and unlockable items that can be imported to your Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End game on Playstation consoles.  The question is, will fans make the jump?

Let’s discuss those transferrable items.  These include one use items, skins, relics etc.  These are all able to be sent to your Uncharted 4 game on your Playstation console.  This is a cool addition for players that are REALLY into the franchise.  For the rest of us there is still quite a few good reasons to download Fortune Hunter.

There are over 200 puzzle rooms to complete in your quest for the treasure.  Somewhere in those 200+ rooms are 50+ hidden treasures for you to find.  As you play you will discover new costumes for your treasure hunter, these are more than just cosmetic since some will actually help you complete challenges later.

Companion apps like this one for Uncharted are not new.  There have been many such apps released over the years.  What is unique here is that this companion app contains an actual game.  Sure, there is not a lot in common with the console game, which is to be expected.  This compaion app for Android and iPhone is not a replacement for the console game.  Nor is this mobile companion app supposed to be more than just that- a companion app to the console game.  While it would be cool to see an Uncharted mobile game similar to the console versions, it is not likely to happen outside of the PS Vita.

Uncharted- Fortune Hunter by Playstation Mobile
Platform: Android and iPhone
Genre: Puzzle, companion app
Rated: Teen on Google Play and 12+ on iTunes
In App Purchases: Yes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

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