Train Conductor World Review Using ZTE ZMAX 2 Android Phone

The Voxel Agents are a small developer out of Australia that have been doing some really cool things in the mobile world.  For me, they are the epitome of what the mobile gaming market should be- small developers being able to flourish and do games they want to create.  Take the Train Conductor series for instance.  This is a series that is now on its third game, Train Conductor World, which just shows how far the company has come. 

Train Conductor World has a very polished “cartoon” look to it, almost Disney in style.  Everything is just smooth and animates really well.  Trains buck as they travel down the rails, smoke billows out their smokestacks and when you leave a train at the stop position too long, they get a little bit of attitude.  Awesome job on the graphics, guys, it is clear you spent a lot of time on them.

All aboard!  Childhood is calling.  Train Conductor World reminds us trains can be fun.

For the most part, the trains and tracks are color coded this time around.  Track one takes blue trains, track two takes red ones, track three takes yellow and finally track four is for green trains.  This helps keep things straight when facing the hectic chaos of the harder modes.  Collect the required stars and you can unlock more difficult versions each level.  Some levels are straight forward affairs, tracks enter/leave the screen on either side and it is simple to follow.  Unlock some of the later levels and track two coming from the left side of the screen may lead to track four on the right side.  Other levels have dead end tracks that require you to manage mismatched tracks and trains.

How you unlock those levels is the most interesting change made in Train Conductor World.  The first two Train Conductor games were based in Australia and the United States respectively.  The third is based in the world- around Europe from the cities I have opened up.  As you earn stars, deliver packages (those cars behind your engine) you can earn track tiles.  These track tiles are required to connect the cities and unlock levels.  Certain tiles cannot be taken back up while others can be replaced with better tiles (don’t worry, you are warned which ones cannot be picked up again).  Basically, the first route to a new city may look like a pile of spaghetti which you can fix later.

The In App Purchases available are all cosmetic except for the option to purchase additional tiles.  For those that don’t mind playing the levels, aka grinding, you can easily earn the needed tiles to expand your train network.  Other IAP include additional trains that only change the trains you play with.  They are not required to play, or enjoy, Train Conductor World.

I hope we see more in the Train Conductor series.  They just keep getting better.  If you have memories of playing trains with your father then get ready for those memories to surprisingly come back.

Train Conductor World by The Voxel Agents
Genre: Time Management
Platform: Android and iOS (iPhone)
Device Used in Review: ZTE ZMAX 2
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 4+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store

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