Todd and The Book of Pure Evil

Do you love heavy metal? Is your stomach made of solid steel? Have a dark sense of humor and penchant for gorn? Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is here to satisfy your needs. A lovingly crafted tribute to the genre of metal, and a hilarious television show which aired in 2010. The eponymous Todd is just your average underperforming high school student who wants to be a heavy metal god. One day, he stumbles upon a book with weird writing on it, which grants him wishes. But as with everything that seems too good to be true, the book comes with some unfortunate side-effects.

Now Todd is caught in the middle of a prophecy which predicts the coming of The Pure Evil One and he wants nothing to do with it. Todd and his friends Curtis (who lost an arm in a freak woodshop accident), Hannah (the resident science nerd and secret Todd fan-girl), and Jenny (the girl Todd has a crush on) must do everything in their power to stop the prophecy from coming true. However, this is easier said than done, and not only must the gang fight against fate, they have to deal with their hilariously ineffective evil school counselor, Atticus, and the secret cult of Satanist who live in an evil retirement home.

The villains will stop at nothing, and even forces beyond human comprehension step in to try and sabotage Todd and his friends. They only had two season to stop them, seeing as Todd and the Book of Pure Evil was too good to last. An Indiegogo campaign was successfully funded to make a movie titled Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: The End of The End for the show and is currently awaiting release.

However, don’t let the short airing run stop you from watching Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. These two seasons are pure black magic, and the second season is especially strong. It’s smartly written, if a bit goofy, and includes shout-outs to many heavy metal bands out there. Yet, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil includes episodes dedicated to things that might entice those with particular tastes as even catgirls are something that happens in the series.

A truly evil masterpiece which deserved more love than it received, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is comedy gold for those in tune with their darker natures. It used to be available on Netflix, but was taken down, despite the high marks (I believe 4 out of 5 stars). It can still be found online.

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