Time Warner AT&T Merger Could Spell Disaster for Entertainment Fans

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It is no secret that Time Warner and AT&T are in talks to merge with AT&T taking on the former as a subsidiary.  This, on paper, sounds kind of cool. The concern I have with this going through lays with the entertainment side of things.  Is having AT&T in control of things such as Warner Bros (owners of DC Comics and holders the movie rights on those properties) for instance a good thing?  Will we see troubles arise from this that are not favorable to fans?  Probably.

I say this is still in the talks phase because it has to pass regulatory approval after shareholders agree.  The current expected close date is the end of 2017 so we are not going to see this go away anytime soon.

The concern I have with this going through is just the entertainment side of things.  AT&T already owns DirecTV.  Allowing them to buy Time Warner would give them control of both entertainment creation and entertainment delivery for a large portion of the United States.  That is A LOT of power in the hands of one company.  Nearly monopolistic levels of power.  Why?

If AT&T is allowed to buy Time Warner then they will control all of the DC Comics movies- from creation to distribution.  AT&T would gain control of CNN, TNT, TBS, truTV, TCM (Turner Classic Movies), Turner Sports, DC Comics, New Line Cinema, a slew of Warner Bros entertainment producers and distributors and HBO, Cinemax and many other television companies.  See how they could go from even the idea of creating new content to controlling how that content is distributed?

Imagine if this deal goes through how movies and television will change.  First there are endorsements.  We will have a unified universe across many brands if only in the fact that you can bet AT&T services will be touted in use on set and in the background in positive manners.  Next up we have the very real concern of distribution.

AT&T will have to recoup their $85 Billion dollar investment (according to Wall Street Journal) somehow and that is probably going to be in distribution of content.  How long do you think it will be before we see six month exclusive Pay Per View options on movies and the like for DirecTV and AT&T U-Verse users?  Kiss goodbye watching the latest Batman movie on PPV at home before it hits DVD and rental if you have Comcast.  That is a real impact on the fans.  That type of action can hurt a lot of fans.

While on paper this deal seems cool enough, once you think about it and realize the breadth of the situation it quickly turns sour.

Carl Williams

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