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It is an age-old quest for wrestlers. Championships. The top superstar is the one that holds the main championship of the company. It seems that wrestling promotions knew this was a problem for their stars that were not quite ready for the big title so they introduced lower tier belts such as the Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, Television title (retired in WWE), Cruiserweight Championship, Tag Team Championship and many others over the years (the National Wrestling Alliance just got stupid with naming their titles, some of which have five or more words in the name of the belt). Over the years the belts were used to get wrestlers over with fans just as much as they were used to showcase the best in whatever angle the company was pushing at the time. There have been superstars that have gotten over with fans without a belt around their waist. Here are a few.

Sasha Banks. Sasha came up from NXT during the newest “Women’s Revolution” that Stephanie McMahon kicked off a few years ago. Along with Sasha, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch were called up that same night.

Booked as a heel, Sasha Banks quickly put the WWE creative team into a unique position. One that they had not experienced since attempting to turn Eddie Guerrero heel (fitting as Sasha is a huge fan of Eddie and wrestled tribute matches for him). Fans simply would not boo Sasha as much as WWE creative wanted (Tamina and Naomi, her team mates were another story).

Sasha would not see gold in WWE for a little while but that did not stop her from getting over, and staying there, with fans. Regardless of injuries and having lost the RAW Women’s Title for a fifth-time last week, Sasha is still very much over with the WWE fanbase. This is not likely to change anytime soon.

Maybe it is time for her to re-invent the “lie, cheat, and steal” gimmick?


Shinsuke Nakamura. This guy is one that I find hard to enjoy watching in the ring. Nothing against him personally, I just don’t like his style of wrestling. He did put on a good match that I enjoyed against John Cena but he goofed and dropped Cena on his head (a big no-no in today’s WWE). While I don’t turn the channel when he is on, I do find myself not as invested in the match as I do with other superstars.

Nakamura is a hug fan favorite from his days in NXT. This is an interesting enigma for WWE as not many of the NXT call-ups have carried their fanbase to the main roster. Nakamura has. I can respect that. He has broken the curse that many have fallen to (Tyler Breeze, The Ascension, etc). Even if you are like me and don’t care for Nakamura, you must respect his ability to get over with fans. He has yet to hold a title on the main roster (as of this writing) too.


The New Day. While The New Day have held the tag team championships, they were already massively over with fans without titles. Arguably more so. This three-man tag team that operates under “Freebird Rules” has maintained an elevated level of fun and interest within the fanbase of the WWE.

The New Day are a tag team that WWE will have trouble turning heel. Even when they have faced “face” teams, fans have often cheered TND more than their opponents. Since they moved to Smackdown before Rollins and Ambrose reconnected as a tag team it will never be known if that trend would continue or not. For the foreseeable future though, on Smackdown The New Day will probably continue their “overness” with the fans. What other tag team had enough fans demand a cereal be made? Or the rumored ice cream pops? None that I remember held that much of a connection with their fans.


AJ Styles. I remember AJ Styles from his match or two in WCW back in the late 1990’s. I remember watching him in TNA and watching him grow as a wrestler, somehow survive the train wreck where he was made to re-imagine Ric Flair’s gimmick, and onward. I was also able to catch him live at a local NWA event shortly before he went to WWE. I am a fan of AJ and think he is doing exceptionally well in his role within the WWE. Sure, as of this writing, he holds the United States Championship but he doesn’t need it as he has proven many times over, he is over with the fans.

AJ has been all over the world. He has held championships in most any promotion he has wrestled for. Along the way, AJ has created his following that have proven they will support him no matter where he throws punches at or if he has a championship or not.


Finally, we have Undertaker. No list like this would be complete without bringing up the retired dead man (rumored to be making just one more appearance in the ring). The Undertaker has held the big title in the WWE more than one time, that is fact. It is also fact that when the lights drop, he comes out in the smoke, fans go wild. His entrance is longer than most of the WWE Women’s matches but fans still eat every second of it up.

The Dead Man is one of the key figures of the WWE. He has held that position for decades and from reports of people that worked with him, he is nothing but respectful and loving of the wrestling business. He hasn’t let his position in the company go to his head and he has obviously given back to the company.

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