The Greatest American Hero – The Chosen One Fan Movie Released

Greatest American Hero

We cover a lot of stuff by Daniele Spadoni here on Gravis Ludus and on Retro Gaming Magazine. I have even been asked to partake in helping with dubbing for Maniac Mansion (it was a fun experience). Now, Daniele is back with his latest release – The Greatest American Hero – The Chosen One. This is a homage to the classic ABC show, The Greatest American Hero which aired a few seasons in the early 1980’s.

In the original and in the remake by Spadoni, the basic idea of The Greatest American Hero is that aliens have given a suit to a human, originally Bill Maxwell (portrayed by Robert Culp in the ABC original). This suit grants superhuman powers such as holographic vision and strength enhancements. The idea the aliens had was for humans to use the suit to fight crime and injustice in the world. The idea is the key word there.

Spadoni and his team have gone above and beyond on the special effects and paying respects to the original with their Greatest American Hero – The Chosen One interpretation. While the effects are not on par with what Disney is pulling off with the latest Star Wars movie, they are impressive nonetheless as this is a fan movie done simply for the love the source material. There are some cool effects for the holographic power for instance.

Spadoni and his team have done their homework as well. This is evidenced in all the material representing the source material throughout the fan movie. This placement just proves that Spadoni and his team are truly fans of the original Greatest American Hero franchise.

If you have not seen a Spodoni production before, The Greatest American Hero – The Chosen One is a good start. I also suggest checking out Maniac Mansion (I did some dubbing for this one), Another World, and Body Blows as well.

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