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Google Unveils Youtube TV

For a long time now we have heard rumors that Google would throw their hat in the streaming television world. Well, those rumors are now put to rest as we know their plans. It is apparent that Google is now tying television programming in with their Youtube service. That is not all fans are getting. […]

Survive a Horde of Cannibalistic Horrors in The Forest

The Forest was created by Endnight Games with a team of four people. It was released in Alpha state through the Steam Early Access Program and instantly became a hit among players. This was in due part thanks to YouTubers such as Markiplier and Pewdiepie providing publicity through their own channels. It was released during […]

Spadoni Productions Release Lupin the Third vs Hitman Contracts Youtube Short Film

If you have been with us here on Gravis Ludus and Retro Gaming Magazine for very long then you know Spadoni Productions.  They have done some really good short films based on various intellectual properties over the years.  Their most recent work is Hitman Contracts vs Lupin the Third, a combination of two popular franchises- […]

Blackwood Crossing Screenshots from Gamescom 2016 Released

PaperSeven are a new company that are focused on releasing their first game, Blackwood Crossing.  This new game is coming to the Playstation 4 console, Xbox One and PCs via the Steam service.  For those that do not know what Blackwood Crossing is, it is an adventure that tells the story of childhood and coming […]

Blackwood Crossing Trailer for Steam Playstation 4 and Xbox One Released

PaperSeven, based in Brighton, have released a trailer for their upcoming adventure game, Blackwood Crossing.  Blackwood crossing is coming to the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC via the Steam digital distribution service.  What fans can expect from Blackwood Crossing is a first person, story driven, adventure.  The story explores the lives of siblings Scarlett […]

Witch-Bot Meglilo Released on Steam

Bullet hell shooting fans rejoice.  Another game in this genre has been released and this time, it is a throwback title with a dark comedy edge.  Witch-Bot Meglilo is an overhead scrolling shooter that simply fills the screen with bullets so much so that you are going to die.  A lot.  That is unless you […]

5 Free Streaming Services Worth Your Money Instead of Cable

Today cable cutters are more popular than ever before.  This is probably due to the fact that high speed Internet is reaching more people than ever before.  Couple that with the fact that people are sick of paying for channels they don’t watch, or worse – don’t want.  Add in the fact that a lot […]

Review – Inoqoni Puzzle Adventure Android ZTE ZMAX2

It is not often that I come across something this cool on Android.  It seems that mobile gaming is becoming more and more saturated with action based massively multiplayer online role-playing games.  Then there are the plethora of time management games like Avengers Academy and Family Guy – The Quest for Stuff.  That is why, […]

UFO Robot Goldrake Pays Homage to Classic Anime

The team behind some rather interesting fan films based on many classic games is back at it again.  This time Spadoni Productions has set their sights on a classic anime called UFO Robot Grendizer.  This is a live action fan film while the original was an animated cartoon from the 1970’s- in the United States […]

Hacker Creates Android iPhone Case

Android versus iOS is nothing new.  They have been going at it ever since Google purchased the little mobile operating system.  Google runs Android much like Microsoft ran Windows for years except Android is free (you pay for “certification” to use Google services).  Anyhow, Android is quite open to developers- this is why we have […]

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