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Experience Stranger Things in The VR Experience for PlayStation VR

Stranger Things Logo

Stranger Things is one of those break out shows that most fans did not see coming. How could they? A show set in the 1980’s with a horror/drama theme? On Netflix? Yeah, it came out of nowhere for at least

Fight Fires in Paperville Panic for PC, Coming Soon

Paperville Panic Virtual Reality Steam

What kind of world is made of paper and the inhabitants have no clue about fire? The world of Paperville that is. This is just as wacky as it sounds. You are the last hope for the world of Paperville

Pokémon GO and the Future of Augmented Reality

Pokemon GO Future of Augmented Reality

Seems like Augmented Reality (AR) may give Virtual Reality (VR) a run for its money, if this example (by some clever bods at MIT) of Pokémon interaction with the real world can be realised. Kevin AyreKevin is a veteran gamer, coder