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Huawei Ascend XT Review, On Sale For $50 on Black Friday

Huawei Logo

I used to be a ZTE guy. My last three phones were all ZTE devices except for that foray into Windows Phones with Nokia Lumia devices (a 521 on T-Mobile and a 635 on AT&T). Now, I am a Huawei

T-Mobile Rolling Out New, Cool, Feature for Customers

Digits by T-Mobile

T-Mobile is an interesting to watch cellular provider. Sometimes they do the cool stuff and other times they seemingly take three steps back with their actions. What often happens though is they get in the news no matter which action

Fast Launcher Android ZTE ZMAX 2 Android Phone

Launchers are a dime a dozen in Google Play.  For pretty much the length of time I have used the ZTE ZMAX 2 I have used Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher and loved it.  It is a simple launcher that puts your

Windows Phone Sales Decline, Who is to Blame?

It is no secret that Microsoft has had a hell of a time getting people to buy their Windows Phone products.  There are many reasons for this, most notably the late entry into the cell phone market.  While most people

New Smart Lens from the Zeiss Group to take on Google Glass

Google Glass, now finds itself battling a major competitor in the next-gen data deliverable eye-glass market. Smart Optics, owned by the Carl Zeiss group, demonstrated its eye-glass wearing prototype at CES 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada. The major differences between the two products

Lack of Piracy Killed the PS Vita

As Sony pulls the plug on first party Vita development I feel they didn’t put forth their best effort. The Vita had a bigger screen but the higher resolution made text and icons smaller. It had more inputs but the

Microsoft Band 2 Announced, More Comfortable and Brings Cortana to Your Wrist

For many the first Microsoft Band was a great little wearable that is probably quite instrumental in their daily lives, not just for exercise.  We are getting closer and close to the “Dick Tracy” watch where everything you need is

Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher, Currently in Beta, Find out why you Need It

It is quite a conundrum that Microsoft faces, they are working on their own mobile device platform yet need to support their competition.  While Windows Phone is still slowly growing it is not growing fast enough that Microsoft can focus

AI is Coming, and He’s Kinda a Dick

It is quite interesting, this love affair people have with death and artificial intelligence and the evil it could become.  How many movies have you seen that have an artificial intelligence (AI) that has become self-aware and then done GOOD