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Cell Shaded Gaming Gets Crazy Justice Next Year

Crazy Justice PlayStation Xbox Switch Windows

What happened to cell shaded games? They were supposed to be the next “big” thing but only kind of whimpered out. There were a few notable games such as Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker but not much else has stood

Review- Ghostbusters Slime City Updates Hogan’s Alley for Modern Gamers

It is no secret that the new Ghostbusters movie is polarizing.  Apparently there are people that love it and then there are people that have not seen it but are crapping on it anyhow.  I have not seen the movie

Witch-Bot Meglilo Released on Steam

Bullet hell shooting fans rejoice.  Another game in this genre has been released and this time, it is a throwback title with a dark comedy edge.  Witch-Bot Meglilo is an overhead scrolling shooter that simply fills the screen with bullets

Sky Force Anniversary Coming to Playstation 3, PS4 and PS Vita

Overhead shooting titles are not as popular as they used to be.  During the 16-bit era you could hardly shake a stick without hitting a scrolling shooter of some kind (the other was side scrolling).  From Aleste titles (Space Megaforce,

Blue Rider Bringing Overhead Shooters Circle Strafing

Circle strafing is a common practice in first person shooters but not so much overhead scrolling shooters.  With Ravegan’s new overhead scrolling shooter, Blue Rider, circle strafing is making the jump.  If you remember the helicopter “Strike” series by Electronic

Review- Galactic Nemesis on Android, ZTE Maven

Overhead scrolling shooters are a staple of gaming.  They have been around since the early days with Space War on up to modern interpretations on mobile devices.  We have seen new renditions on the idea with titles like Mig 2D

Worms 4 Released by Team 17 on Android and iOS

The Worms series is basically just that old physics game that we all played in school (well, if you went to school in the mid 80’s).  That one that required you to take into account wind, angle and power of

Overhead Action Shooter, Crimsonland, Hits Android with Somewhat High Price, iOS Free?

Anyone that remembers the Internet in the late 90’s and early 2000’s will probably remember the plethora of overhead shooter games we saw around that time.  There were a ton of them.  Even further back you may remember stuff like

Shooty Skies Takes Crossy Road Idea to Overhead Shooters

Overhead scrolling shooters are usually easily forgotten by fans.  I am not sure why this is but the close cousin that is known as the side scrolling shooter has always taken the cake with gamers.  Overhead scrolling shooters are a