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Fast Racing Neo Sequel, Fast RMX Coming to Nintendo Switch

Ah, another day, another racing game coming to the Nintendo Switch. We have already covered Redout, a racing gaming on the upcoming console, and now we are covering Fast RMX. This is another futuristic racing game that has a strong F-Zero feel, so fans of that style, you are about to be in hog heaven. […]

Redout Nintendo Switch Racer

Redout Looks to Become First Original Racing Game on Nintendo Switch

Sure, everyone knows about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but how many know about Redout, which is also coming to the Nintendo Switch? Redout uses Epic’s Unreal graphics engine to produce some quite impressive visuals, just look at the video embedded below for proof. For me, I cannot shake that feeling that Redout is quite similar, […]

F1 2016

Codemasters Release F1 2016 Onto Google Play

Racing games are a dime a dozen on Google Play and the iTunes App Store. Just take a look at the racing category to see, there are a lot of options for fans of the genre. For hardcore racing fans there are really only two options: NASCAR or F1. Now if you are a “left, left, […]

Review – Asphalt Xtreme

Gameloft have been quite prolific with their mobile gaming support.  They are one of the most varied publishers out there too.  Take Asphalt Xtreme for instance, this is not just another racing game as you will see from the video below.  There was a lot of work put into this game, into the details and […]

Vertigo Racing Review, Spinouts and Cliffs Based Endless Runner

EA Chillingo have a new 3D isometric overhead endless runner that harkens back to the glory days of automobiles.  Vertigo Racing brings 10 classic cars from many eras of cars, if you are a car fan then you will definitely enjoy collecting them all.  I understand that not everyone reading this is a car fan […]

Earn Bitcoin Playing Games – Formula Game Racing Sim Fans Dream

Okay, Formula Game is definitely a racing simulation fans dream come true.  If you have ever wanted to adjust the rear wing or your suspension in hopes of eking out a one second better lap time then here you go.  I don’t have a clue what I am doing with adjusting things on my car […]

Coffin Dodgers Weaves Kart Racing Onto Xbox One Playstation 4 PC

There was a time when kart racing games were a dime a dozen.  This was around the 32-Bit era when it seemed everyone had to have a kart racer.  Much like the 8-bit and 16-bit days of action platformers, kart racers eventually fell to the wayside.  Coffin Dodgers is looking to bring back this once prominent […]

Breakneck Brings Futuristic Styled Racing to Android

Classic gaming fans will probably remember the Wipeout series of racing games quite well.  Some of the releases in that series were better received by gamers than others.  Breakneck by PikPok will surely remind classic gamers of Wipeout while lassoing in newer fans.  Racing vehicles that are not your traditional cars is a norm for […]

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