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Study Shows Pokemon GO Players Activity Levels, Staggering Results

Pokemon GO took the world by storm, one region at a time. For a short period, anyhow. Niantic have been struggling to keep players interested in the game. From pushing forward mysterious Pokemon such as Ditto to giving out regular, increased, prize give away events and more. Now a study has been released that shows […]


Pokescout Expands Information Available in Pokemon GO

Anyone still playing Pokemon GO? If so, you are probably enjoying the new gyms around town thanks to the Sprint deal. There is one inherent problem with the digital monster collecting game though. A problem that Pokescout addresses. This could be a game changer for those still playing. Carl WilliamsIt is time gaming journalism takes […]

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Sprint Lands Major Pokemon GO Deal

Pokemon GO, the social exploration game by Niantic and Nintendo, is still going. Not as strong as it was when it first launched but still, it is going. As the game gets a little long in the tooth for many players, Niantic is more open to making deals to keep it alive and in the […]

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Pokemon GO Sees Major Updates Including New Pokemon

Niantic and Nintendo know what they are doing with Pokemon GO, that is for sure. We here at Gravis Ludus have been following the social exploration game for a while now. Recently, it was revealed through data crackers that there will be 100 new second generation Pokemon joining the cast among other things. Now we […]

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Pokemon GO Sees More Improvements in Update Version 0.45.0, Hints of New Pokemon Spotted

Pokemon GO is obviously a phenomenon.  Whether you are like me and moved on already or you are still playing daily, you know about this game.  Niantic have been working hard to keep players, get old ones back, and entice new players to give the little digital monster collecting game.  This is a necessity of […]

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Pokemon GO Introduces Daily Rewards

Pokemon GO was, and still is in many places, a phenomenon that holds gamers attention.  The notion of traversing the real world while playing a game is still somewhat new territory for both gamers and game publishers.  That is why it is so interesting that Pokemon GO has held the attention of players this long.  […]

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Pokemon GO Live Streaming Player Robbed, Streaming Service Suspends Player’s Account in Response

You know it is a bad day when your streaming account is suspended for situations out of your control.  Now, imagine that you were just mugged and beaten while streaming and THAT is the reason your account was suspended.  That is what happened to a Twitch live streaming gamer recently.  Good on you, Twitch, for […]

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Have You Caught Ditto Pokemon GO’s Most Elusive Creature?

It seems that there is one particular little Pokemon creature that you are going to have a lot of trouble catching.  Ditto.  This is a seemingly unassuming little glob of purple gelatinous substance which hides a major secret that hardcore fans know but casual probably don’t.  Ditto can transform into other Pokemon- similar to Mystique […]

2 Things Pokemon GO Plus Device Does That Are Not Advertised

The new Pokemon GO Plus is a neat little option for hardcore Pokemon GO fans.  It is, at its heart, a pedometer for the game of the same name.  You wear it, walk and it tracks your steps.  Great.  Initially advertised as an accessory to help catch the little sneaky digital creatures, there is more […]

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Monster Super League for Android Launches, Throws down Gauntlet in Front of Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a phenomenon of a release.  I am sure someone somewhere knew it was going to be big but maybe not as big as it was.  Anyhow, with any level of success comes copycats or clones or what have you.  With those me too games usually comes one or two that are conceivably […]

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