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Nokia Sees New Phone Pic Leaks

Nokia Corporate Logo

Nokia is in a weird position. They are trying to relaunch their brand after selling off to Microsoft for a period. This can be tough, and it is proving to be for Nokia. Their relaunch plans include coming out with

Windows Phone Sales Decline, Who is to Blame?

It is no secret that Microsoft has had a hell of a time getting people to buy their Windows Phone products.  There are many reasons for this, most notably the late entry into the cell phone market.  While most people

Worms 4 Released by Team 17 on Android and iOS

The Worms series is basically just that old physics game that we all played in school (well, if you went to school in the mid 80’s).  That one that required you to take into account wind, angle and power of

Leaks, Leaks and more Leaks… Galaxy S7, Google Glass and Moto X 2016

First we leak, then we neither confirm or deny, then we say its here come and get them…  Three of the hottest product leaks for 2016 involve Google glass, the Motorola, Moto X 2016 and the Samsung, Galaxy S7. In the

Pepsi Making an Android Phone, Yeah, the Soda Maker

Android is a prolific operating system that is a fact.  If you don’t believe me just continue reading.  Pepsi, the soda maker, is releasing an Android phone of their own.  The Pepsi phone is named Pepsi P1 (could this mean

Lumia 950 and 950 XL are Microsoft’s new Windows Phone Flagship Devices

It has been a longtime waiting since we last heard from Microsoft as far as a new flagship Windows Phone device.  The last Windows Phone flagship device that we saw was prior to the Nokia buyout by Microsoft, about two