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Pokemon GO Slows as Niantic Prepares Harry Potter Augmented Reality Game

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

This is an interesting development. Niantic are working on a Harry Potter game that uses the same technology, or very close to, that which powers Pokemon GO. This is nothing new, companies build off past successes as they develop more

Sprint Lands Major Pokemon GO Deal

Pokemon GO logo

Pokemon GO, the social exploration game by Niantic and Nintendo, is still going. Not as strong as it was when it first launched but still, it is going. As the game gets a little long in the tooth for many

Pokemon GO Sees More Improvements in Update Version 0.45.0, Hints of New Pokemon Spotted

Pokemon GO logo

Pokemon GO is obviously a phenomenon.  Whether you are like me and moved on already or you are still playing daily, you know about this game.  Niantic have been working hard to keep players, get old ones back, and entice

Pokemon GO Introduces Daily Rewards

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Pokemon GO was, and still is in many places, a phenomenon that holds gamers attention.  The notion of traversing the real world while playing a game is still somewhat new territory for both gamers and game publishers.  That is why

Pokemon GO Live Streaming Player Robbed, Streaming Service Suspends Player’s Account in Response

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You know it is a bad day when your streaming account is suspended for situations out of your control.  Now, imagine that you were just mugged and beaten while streaming and THAT is the reason your account was suspended.  That

Have You Caught Ditto Pokemon GO’s Most Elusive Creature?

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It seems that there is one particular little Pokemon creature that you are going to have a lot of trouble catching.  Ditto.  This is a seemingly unassuming little glob of purple gelatinous substance which hides a major secret that hardcore

China Receives Unofficial Pokemon GO

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If you don’t understand how strict China is on gaming then let me fill you in.  They are strict.  So strict that a lot of gaming companies don’t bother to localize their games for this market.  China is also quite

Pokemon GO Windows 10 Mobile Fan Port Released

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Pokemon GO is a phenomenon. You either love it or you have no idea what the fuss is about.  There is really no middle ground.  A lot of fans though have complained that Pokemon GO is not available for Windows

Pokémon Go and Niantic Don’t Want Your Info.

Recently it was discovered by users of the popular app Pokémon Go on iOS that the game requests full access to you Google account. Multiple websites such as Kotaku and Popsci have covered these news already. The guys here at

Pokemon GO Used to Lure Victims in Armed Robbery

It is a dark day in gaming when something that is supposed to be fun and entertaining is used by criminals to hurt others.  This is what has started happening already in the United States.  There have been confirmed armed

Review- Pokemon GO Gotta Catch Em All on Android

Years ago, when Pokemon first saw release on television and as a collectible card game, it is unclear if those in charge fully knew what they were unleashing onto the world.  This is a license that has transcended gaming, television,