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Samsung Admits Galaxy Note 7 Has Battery Problems

Samsung used to be the cream of the crop if you were wanting an Android phone.  At least that is the image they wanted Android fans to think.  Detractors have felt Samsung devices have problems while fans simply cannot see them.  What about when the company flat out admits there is a problem?  That is […]

Fast Launcher Android ZTE ZMAX 2 Android Phone

Launchers are a dime a dozen in Google Play.  For pretty much the length of time I have used the ZTE ZMAX 2 I have used Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher and loved it.  It is a simple launcher that puts your most used apps on the home screen and moves them up the screen (or down […]

Review- Uncharted: Fortune Hunter Android iOS Puzzle Game

Uncharted, one of the main reasons people prefer the Playstation line of consoles, will probably never see a full release on Android or iOS.  What we can expect though is probably more spinoff titles like Uncharted: Fortune Hunter.  I can say there is more gameplay in this spinoff than there is in similar apps for […]

Microsoft, Windows Phone and Fixing the Problem

It is no secret that Microsoft is losing the cell phone battle.  The Windows Phone platform is not taking off and is barely holding on now.  There are many problems that Microsoft needs to fix to right the ship but will they?  From lack of advertising to no exclusive apps, Windows Phone is in dire […]

Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing Coming to Mobile

While gamers here in the United States were a little late to the whole Fire Emblem phenomenon it still has picked up more than a few fans.  The first Fire Emblem game that we got here in the United States was on the Game Boy Advance.  Animal Crossing, a title that started life on the […]

Gameloft Leaves Premium Mobile Gaming, Free to Play Only Now

It is a sad day we see a premium game publisher drop out of the market.  This happened on the console side of things when we saw Konami leave there.  Now we are seeing it in the mobile world, somewhat, with Gameloft discontinuing premium titles.  This is another publisher that, while not perfect, did do […]

Leaks, Leaks and more Leaks… Galaxy S7, Google Glass and Moto X 2016

First we leak, then we neither confirm or deny, then we say its here come and get them…  Three of the hottest product leaks for 2016 involve Google glass, the Motorola, Moto X 2016 and the Samsung, Galaxy S7. In the case of Google glass, Enterprise edition, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), provided the leak for […]

Lack of Piracy Killed the PS Vita

As Sony pulls the plug on first party Vita development I feel they didn’t put forth their best effort. The Vita had a bigger screen but the higher resolution made text and icons smaller. It had more inputs but the main buttons and joystick were smaller. In my opinion the fatal flaw came from the […]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Added to Marvel Future Fight Mobile Game

Marvel’s answer to the rather popular Injustice: Gods Among Us that features DC Comics characters, Marvel Future Fight has just received a large update.  The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are now playable characters in this popular fighting role-playing game for mobile devices. Carl WilliamsIt is time gaming journalism takes its rightful place as proper sources and […]

Lumia 950 and 950 XL are Microsoft’s new Windows Phone Flagship Devices

It has been a longtime waiting since we last heard from Microsoft as far as a new flagship Windows Phone device.  The last Windows Phone flagship device that we saw was prior to the Nokia buyout by Microsoft, about two years ago.  That is an incredibly long time in the mobile market to go without […]

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