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Clip Layer Microsoft

Clip Layer Improves Copy and Paste on Android

Microsoft is probably not the first name you think of when you think Android. That has not stopped them from working really hard to become synonymous with the platform. For the most part, Microsoft’s offerings have been more business oriented and squarely aimed at the corporate or self-employed professional. How many people in everyday life […]

Review – Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Microsoft is slowly, but surely, removing any reason to own a Windows Phone. Early on, there were good reasons like Microsoft Word and Cortana to point at when Android and iPhone users would laugh at my Lumia 635. As the months passed, it became painfully clear that Microsoft was obviously abandoning the Windows Phone platform […]

NASCAR Heat Evolution out Now Playstation 4 Xbox One Windows PC

NASCAR Heat Evolution is the first NASCAR licensed title to hit the current generation of consoles.  The Playstation 4 and Xbox One are power houses in the hardware department and Heat Evolution shows it.  Dusenberry Martin Racing (DMR), the publisher behind this title, worked with several professional drivers to create and authentic experience without sitting […]

Make Money Using Search Engines

It is no secret that there is a search engine war going on right now.  If you didn’t know, now you do.  The question is, did you know that there are search engines out there that will actually pay you to use them?  We are not talking nothing but the little unknown search engines that […]

Fast Launcher Android ZTE ZMAX 2 Android Phone

Launchers are a dime a dozen in Google Play.  For pretty much the length of time I have used the ZTE ZMAX 2 I have used Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher and loved it.  It is a simple launcher that puts your most used apps on the home screen and moves them up the screen (or down […]

How Microsoft Could Have Saved Windows Phone but Won’t

Microsoft have effectively given up on Windows Phone.  Sure there is token support for it for the time being, that is not enough.  It is clear that Microsoft are focusing on the next device in their phone device line- Surface Phone.  It is a real shame as Microsoft had a great operating system that was […]

Microsoft Releases Microsoft Pix Camera App on iPhone, Forgets Android and Windows Phone

Microsoft are persistent if nothing else.  At least when it comes to supporting competitor’s platforms over their own in the mobile market.  This is all new ground to Microsoft as they are used to computers.  In the desktop world Microsoft hold things tighter than Nintendo held the 8-Bit console market.  Mobile though, ah, the great […]

Pokemon GO logo

Pokemon GO Windows 10 Mobile Fan Port Released

Pokemon GO is a phenomenon. You either love it or you have no idea what the fuss is about.  There is really no middle ground.  A lot of fans though have complained that Pokemon GO is not available for Windows Phone.  Now, it is.  At least for Windows 10 Mobile and if you are willing […]

Android Microsoft’s Windows Phone Answer?

It is no secret that Microsoft has kind of screwed up the Windows Phone launch, lifespan and penetration into the mobile market.  Microsoft REALLY missed the boat with their attempt at entering the smart phone market. Badly.  There were many missteps along the way but most people cite the lack of “key” apps being the […]

Windows Bridge Gains Improved iOS Support

Microsoft has been working on this thing called Windows Bridge for a little while now.  What Windows Bridge does, at its core, is allow Windows 10 users to run Android and iOS apps and games.  This is great news for people wanting the best of “all” worlds.  There is a long ways to go before […]

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