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Dead Cells Metroidvania 2D Action

Dead Cells Roguelike Castlevania Style Game to Show at PAX East

As we get closer to PAX East this weekend we continue to learn about new titles that will be at the show. One such new title is Dead Cells, a Castlevania style action-platformer making use of pixelized graphics. If I had to pick a generation Dead Cells fit best, I would have to pick Neo […]

Live out an Orwellian Nightmare in Beholder

Fear, paranoia, mistrust, and a severe lack of privacy in the bathroom! These are all realities faced when you’re presented with an Orwellian nightmare. A world where privacy is a myth and the ever impending threat of death is a wrong step away. But in Beholder, it is you as the player who decides the […]

Kickstarter – SMACH Z Hand Held Gaming PC

Hand held devices.  It seems everyone is getting in on the action of on the go gaming.  Nintendo is trying to bridge the gap between console and hand held with their upcoming Nintendo Switch.  Many clone makers have released Sega Genesis licensed hand held devices, to varying degrees of success.  We have covered the GPD […]

Linux Makes Mainstream While Fans Don’t Notice

One thing that fans of Linux complain about is that it is not accepted as well as they would like.  This leads to lack of software, games and lack of general understanding by non-fans.  This is something I find funny about Linux though as it has far surpassed Windows and other operating systems.  It did […]

Interview With John Valentin Tears of Yggdrasil Developer

I recently did a preview of a new visual novel game called Tears of Yggdrasil.  If you are not familiar with visual novels then you could be in for a treat.  Basically, visual novels are graphical adventures that have more twists and turns than a season of Bones or Supernatural.  Tears of Yggdrasil is one […]

New Visual Novel Tears of Yggdrasil Coming to Windows Macintosh and Linux

What would you do when faced with saving your best friend from an out of control vehicle heading directly at them?  If you are Yamakazi Kusanagi, the star of Tears of Yggdrasil, you do your damnedest to save them.  Even going as far as getting mortally wounded and finding yourself in another world.  A world […]

Earn Bitcoin Playing Games – The Bittles on Android, iPhone, Windows, Macintosh and Linux

The article I did awhile back about earning Bitcoin while playing games is doing so well. This has shown me that the readers here at Gravis Ludus are interested in this type of thing.  Doing another list is an option but that doesn’t let me go into much detail per entry.  That is why I […]

Tomb Raider Now Available for Linux

Linux is an enigma of an operating system.  On one hand, it is great for business and controlling systems that require stable uptime.  On the other hand, Linux is not a gamer’s operating system- even when you factor in interpreters and emulators that expand the gaming breadth available.  One big time title that is well-known, […]

Microsoft Continues Support of Linux with Windows 10 Integration

Microsoft has been slowly but surely supporting Linux more and more.  Over the years, particularly in the early days, Microsoft had only offered patches to the kernel or key software.  Eventually we would see Microsoft release Linux versions of Visual Studio and their SQL Server software.  Then Microsoft accepted Red Hat Linux for the popular […]

Linux Progresses on Sony Playstation 4

Okay, when Sony released the Playstation 2 one thing they did that was quite cool was to release, or at least not stop, Linux for it. Sure, this was a costly addition, it was still cool. Then when the Playstation 3 was released, early versions, then certain editions, then none would let you install Linux. […]

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