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Taking Notes Reveals Beautiful Paper Art

Paper Art

Omoshiroi Block. Have ever heard of these before? You have now. These are memo pads that reveal architecture and other things as you use them. We are not talking about simple square buildings here, no, we are talking about Kyoto’s

People Garden Explores Aokigahara Forest

What is it with horror movies set in forests lately?  We have the Blair Witch reboot coming and now we have The People Garden.  This one is not a rip off of The Blair Witch, no this one is based

Bitcoin Businesses and Governments- Prepare for Higher Fees and Taxes

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency available today and it is only getting more popular.  There are a myriad of other cryptocurrencies available but their popularity is quite lower than Bitcoin.  The acceptance of cryptocurrency in the United States is

Review- Dariusburst for Playstation Portable

Dariusburst proves the horizontal shooter has plenty of life left.  Sadly, the horizontal shooter genre is a dying breed.  Companies are just not making them like they used to.  I remember during the 16-Bit era the love that horizontal scrolling