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Google Unveils Youtube TV

For a long time now we have heard rumors that Google would throw their hat in the streaming television world. Well, those rumors are now put to rest as we know their plans. It is apparent that Google is now

Rumor – T-Moblile Has Google Pixel Available to Look at but Not Buy

Have you ever visited a store and been told you can look at a product but cannot buy it there? That is precisely what is going on at T-Mobile stores right now. Currently, this is only in regards to the

Google Wants to Know- Would You Use Drone Based Video Download Assistance?

Users of the Google Rewards App are used to random questions popping up in their usual surveys.  Sometimes these are simply Google’s way of making sure you are human and that you are paying attention to what you are reading. 

Hacker Creates Android iPhone Case

Android versus iOS is nothing new.  They have been going at it ever since Google purchased the little mobile operating system.  Google runs Android much like Microsoft ran Windows for years except Android is free (you pay for “certification” to

Major Update to Google Chromebooks Coming This Year

Google at their Google I/O conference announced a lot of big things for their family of products.  There were new additions, updates to old ones and then there was the Google Chromebook.  Google announced a major update for their Chromebooks,

Google Play Now Labels Games Containing Advertising

There is nothing more annoying than downloading a new game and then having banner advertising or the dreaded “full screen” ad pop up.  Sure, it is accepted with mobile games that if it is free there is something up.  Usually

Microsoft Takes the Gloves Off with Cortana in Windows 10

For years Microsoft has watched as competitors fought dirty.  Sure, Microsoft is no angel in business but they catch a lot more flack than they deserve.  One instance is the backlash they are receiving for blocking third-party browsers, in use

Full Android Comes to Chrome

It is nothing new to see “some” Android apps running on Google’s Chrome Operating System.  What is new here is that apparently Google has plans to enable running just about ANY Android app on your Chrome OS device.  This is

Review- Futurama Game of Drones on Android (also Available on iPhone)

Futurama, a cartoon series of adults, well, mature audiences- um, no, that is a misnomer too.  Well, it wasn’t a cartoon for kids but maybe the less discerning adult amongst us.  Anyhow, this is one of those shows that got

Verizon Gives Customers Two Gigs Free Data, With Key Limitations

It is not often that we hear about Verizon giving away anything.  I could easily attribute that statement to just about any business in today’s world though.  With Verizon it is even more surprising considering their high-priced consumer options.  Well,