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Ghostbusters 2016 Reboot Review

It is no secret that the new Ghostbusters reboot is still causing fans to either be behind it or against it.  Those that are against it are claiming they won’t even watch it so I am not sure why they are even complaining.  At least understand why you hate something.  Anyhow, this reboot is what […]

Gilmore Girls Netflix Release Date Revealed

Gilmore Girls, the show that a lot of people were upset ended and was not renewed.  This is a television show that has been rumored to be returning for nearly a decade now.  Some of the stars stated hints in interviews with the media that the story could continue in a movie, or a relaunch […]

Snapchat Making Advertising More Personal Through Patent

Snapchat, the popular messaging platform that is extremely popular with the younger crowd, is looking to improve the ads that you see.  How are they going to do this?  By paying attention to what is in the background of your messages.  Yep.  The background.  Before you send that next message you might want to make […]

Review- Ghostbusters Slime City Updates Hogan’s Alley for Modern Gamers

It is no secret that the new Ghostbusters movie is polarizing.  Apparently there are people that love it and then there are people that have not seen it but are crapping on it anyhow.  I have not seen the movie yet, plan on seeing it this weekend actually, so I cannot say either way about […]

Ghostbusters – What the Hell Happened?

For anyone that doesn’t know, there is a Ghostbusters reboot planned for release mid-July.  It has gotten a lot of discussion going in just about every place it is mentioned.  It seems that the discussion is leaning more to being negative about the reboot than supportive of it.  There has even been a remade version […]

Who Ya Gonna Call?  Ghostbusters turns 32 – Today in Cinema History – June 8th, 1984

When the first Ghostbusters movie hit, I was eight years old.  I didn’t get to view it in theaters.  I don’t remember when I finally saw it but it was on VHS, I remember that much.  Anyhow, this is an iconic movie that really needs no introduction, but I will give one after the jump […]

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