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Review – Fit in the Hole Android Game

I have to wonder if at least some inspiration for Fit in the Hole by Ketchapp was drawn from Fox’s short lived television show, Hole in the Wall.  First, those who know me know I am not a fan of endless running games and that is essentially what Fit in the Hole is.  What is unique […]

Scream Queens Season 2 First Look Video Released

The original season of Scream Queens put the show on the map for many viewers.  Word of mouth advertising helped bring the series to the top of the charts in many demographics.  Now, Fox has just released a “First Look” video for season two of Scream Queens which features comment clips from some of the […]

Fox Wants to Continue Search for Truth with X-Files

The relaunch of the popular X-Files television show was unique to say the least.  The support for the “10th season” was all over the board after much hype for it throughout late 2015.  As far as Fox is concerned though, there is still interest in continuing the franchise with more episodes.  There may be some […]

Could Dolph Lundgren Play Cable in Deadpool Sequel?

Dolph Lundgren, an actor whose career was shot to hell when he accepted the lead role in a little film called Masters of the Universe.  Dolph Lundgren has been in a lot of movies over the years, often playing the bad guy who happens to be Russian.  Recently Fox confirmed that a sequel to Deadpool […]

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