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Titanic Resurfaces Twenty-One Years Later

Titanic Adventure Out of Time

The Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable. On its maiden voyage that theory was proven quite wrong by some frozen water. Many people lost their lives that night, many more were affected for the rest of their lives and historians

New Psychological Horror Mobile Game, Sara is Missing, Available Now

Everyone knows about “found footage” horror movies such as the Blair Witch.  That is a genre that goes back to the early days of video cameras being cheap enough for the average person to buy them.  Sara is Missing brings

Her Story, Full Motion Video Game, Released on Google Play Already on iTunes and Steam

To some, Full Motion Video (FMV) games are an interesting gaming option.  To the larger populace, FMV games are at best “meh” games.  For the group that enjoys FMV, check out Her Story which just hit Android.  Mystery buffs will