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Brawlout by Angry Mob Games

Brawlout Hits Steam Early Access, Brings Console Style Brawling to PC

If you are a fan of Super Smash Bros, a popular Nintendo brawler, then you probably realize there is not much similar available on PC. Angry Mob Games plans to change that with their game, Brawlout for Steem and it is out now on Early Access. Carl WilliamsIt is time gaming journalism takes its rightful […]

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Android Timing Based Fighting Game Review

The Power Rangers just experienced a reboot in theaters this past weekend and shortly before that, we got a new mobile game. Power Rangers Legacy is sort of the “game based on the movie” release that we see in these instances. Sort of. While the new mobile game features the new characters, at least in […]

Transformers Forged to Fight

Transformers Forged to Fight Coming to Mobile Devices

We knew it was just a matter of time before we got a one on one fighting game featuring the Transformers franchise. I know, on consoles this has been done already, somewhat, I am sure. On mobile devices, it is another story. On Android and iPhone, we have seen strategy games and that Clash of […]

Stormblades Review- Android Quick Time Event Action Adventure

Remember those Quick Time Events from the God of War series?  Stormblades is basically a whole game of them.  This works quite well on mobile, touch screen, devices- much better than expected actually.  While this is not the first time we have seen this type of game, Stormblades does it with a little more interesting […]

UFC Future not Bright for CM Punk

This last Saturday we got our first taste of CM Punk in the UFC.  That same Saturday CM Punk probably realized he was in over his head in the octagon.  I won’t ruin the results of CM Punk’s debut against Mickey Gall.  I am sure if you are on social media you already know who […]

Former WWE Superstar Debuts in UFC

When you are a WWE Superstar you are elevated to a whole new level in the entertainment business.  No other genre of entertainment gives fans the level of access to the stars as WWE does.  This helps fans grow closer and more supportive of certain stars and when this happens it almost becomes a movement […]

GPD XD Android Gaming Series – Soul Calibur

Soul Calibur, a title that hit the Dreamcast and was quite the show piece for selling more than a couple of systems is now on Android and iOS. Namco have been pretty mum on this title hitting and it was quite a surprise to see it, this is not a simple 8 or 16-Bit title […]

Suicide Squad Members Invade Injustice Gods Among Us on Android and iPhone

It is no secret that the Suicide Squad movie is out now, it is receiving mixed reviews but it was actually released.  There is even a mobile game for them (review of both movie and game forthcoming).  Now, a brand new character from the Suicide Squad team has invaded Injustice Gods Among Us for Android […]

Review- Animelee on GPD XD Android

What do you get when you take the basic idea of Street Fighter and add in animals?  You get Animelee, a new unique fighting game for Android.  Why is this game unique?  It uses animals instead of people in the battles.  I know, you are probably thinking animals have been used many times before.  Actually, […]

BlazBlue RR Brings Classic Fighting to Android and iTunes Review

Fighting games on mobile devices are always trying new things out to make them work.  Some go with onscreen buttons and others go with swiping controls.  Unfortunately, they mostly forget the basic idea of a fighting game and what makes them fun.  The problem these developers don’t understand is the fun that fighting games can […]

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