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Suicide Squad Members Invade Injustice Gods Among Us on Android and iPhone

It is no secret that the Suicide Squad movie is out now, it is receiving mixed reviews but it was actually released.  There is even a mobile game for them (review of both movie and game forthcoming).  Now, a brand

Deadpool Versus Candy Crush Saga

What would happen if Deadpool was faced with an opponent that could control candy like Magneto does metal?  Well, find out in this short film that answers just that.  It even includes an old friend just for kicks. Carl WilliamsIt

Could Dolph Lundgren Play Cable in Deadpool Sequel?

Dolph Lundgren, an actor whose career was shot to hell when he accepted the lead role in a little film called Masters of the Universe.  Dolph Lundgren has been in a lot of movies over the years, often playing the