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House on Pine Street Reminds Viewers Showers are Scary

Okay, ever since Psycho, starring Anthony Perkins, movie goers have been reminded just how scary showers can be.  Now imagine that you are a seven month pregnant woman returning to a hometown that you never really wanted to visit.  Couple that with all of the wild things your body goes through during pregnancy- after all […]

31 by Rob Zombie Receives New Trailer

Ah, the carnival.  A place of fun and games and rides.  At least that is what you are supposed to see.  The people running the carnival are usually looked down upon for various reasons.  Not sure why that is though.  Anyhow, one particular member of the carnival family, the clown, is the source of nightmares […]

Second New Blair Witch Trailer Released

Having grown up in a wooded secluded area of central Arkansas gave me an inherent respect for the woods.  That is why when I first watched The Blair Witch movie I was probably a little more emotionally invested than most people watching it.  The first one was a decent horror movie, we did not need […]

Guardians Answers Avengers Challenge from Russia

When you think action film with special effects out the wazoo and interesting characters, do you think of Russia?  You may after you see the updated trailer for Guardians, a movie that many are calling Russia’s answer to the Avengers franchise.  I mean, the Avengers don’t have a humanoid bear in their ranks.  Guardians does. […]

Kidnap is the Feminist Version of Taken

The trailer has just been released for the movie Kidnap starring Halle Berry. The premise is simple, Karla McCoy (Berry) has a son Frankie who was kidnapped by a stranger during a park visit. How far will Karla go to recover her kidnapped child? The trailer does a decent job at demonstrating the desperation that […]

Wonder Woman Cinematic Trailer – Thoughts, Concerns and Gal Gadot

It is probably no secret to you that the new Wonder Woman cinematic trailer has been released at Comic-Con today.  There is a lot of hype behind this movie and for many, it is rightfully deserved.  The Wonder Woman character has been all but completely ignored in DC Comics cinematic universe – go ahead, name […]

Truffle Shuffle Goonies Turns 31 – Today in Cinema History – June 7th, 1985

Who doesn’t remember the Goonies movie from the 80’s?  If you were at all interested in adventure movies starring kids, you saw this movie.  It was everything young adolescents want to do in their minds.  It is also everything those same kids think will happen during their adventures.  The cool thing was, even the kids […]

Mystery of History – Three Times Time Travel May Have Occurred

It is the great challenge of science fiction- time travel.  We are nearing eliminating the whole space travel thing, at least on a small-scale, but time travel still eludes our species.  Or has it?  There have been many anomalies in history that scream time travel exists.  Some of these are innocuous events captured in early […]

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