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AT&T GoPhone Customers Receive Limited Unlimited Option

“Unlimited” data plans are all the rage again with cell phone companies. The last time we saw this was back around the time the first iPhone came out. Yeah, it has been that long ago. The thing is, while the plans are “unlimted” you are only getting high speed data transfer rates up to a […]

Samsung Admits Galaxy Note 7 Has Battery Problems

Samsung used to be the cream of the crop if you were wanting an Android phone.  At least that is the image they wanted Android fans to think.  Detractors have felt Samsung devices have problems while fans simply cannot see them.  What about when the company flat out admits there is a problem?  That is […]

Verizon Introduces New Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Verizon is known for being the more expensive option when it comes to prepaid plans.  The cost of a monthly plan with one gig of data on Verizon is routinely the same price as competitor AT&T at two gigs per month.  It is interesting to note though, at the top-tier of 5 gigs per month […]

Microsoft, Windows Phone and Fixing the Problem

It is no secret that Microsoft is losing the cell phone battle.  The Windows Phone platform is not taking off and is barely holding on now.  There are many problems that Microsoft needs to fix to right the ship but will they?  From lack of advertising to no exclusive apps, Windows Phone is in dire […]

Mystery of History – Three Times Time Travel May Have Occurred

It is the great challenge of science fiction- time travel.  We are nearing eliminating the whole space travel thing, at least on a small-scale, but time travel still eludes our species.  Or has it?  There have been many anomalies in history that scream time travel exists.  Some of these are innocuous events captured in early […]

Polaroid to Release Two New Android Powered Phones

If you caught my article “6 Brands Revived Under New Management” then you know that Polaroid today is not the same Polaroid your parents and grandparents knew.  Whomever is holding the rights to the Polaroid name now is releasing two branded Android powered phones but specs are a little fuzzy at the moment.  That should […]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Added to Marvel Future Fight Mobile Game

Marvel’s answer to the rather popular Injustice: Gods Among Us that features DC Comics characters, Marvel Future Fight has just received a large update.  The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are now playable characters in this popular fighting role-playing game for mobile devices. Carl WilliamsIt is time gaming journalism takes its rightful place as proper sources and […]

Windows Phone, Should Microsoft give up the Flagship?

Windows Phone is not exactly burning up the sales charts, even though it is purportedly holding nearly 3% of the worldwide mobile market share according to the IDC.  Within the United States we see a very lopsided sales situation going on- low end is selling and the high end is dragging its feet way down […]

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