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Make Money Using Search Engines

It is no secret that there is a search engine war going on right now.  If you didn’t know, now you do.  The question is, did you know that there are search engines out there that will actually pay you to use them?  We are not talking nothing but the little unknown search engines that […]

Android Microsoft’s Windows Phone Answer?

It is no secret that Microsoft has kind of screwed up the Windows Phone launch, lifespan and penetration into the mobile market.  Microsoft REALLY missed the boat with their attempt at entering the smart phone market. Badly.  There were many missteps along the way but most people cite the lack of “key” apps being the […]

Bing Update Brings Camera Search Function

Microsoft has been working hard to add functionality to their search engine- Bing.  The main concern that Microsoft supporters have is that it seems the Apple iPhone is the defacto platform for these updates, at least early in the cycle.  This latest Bing Update is no different.  This update is going out first to Apple iPhone […]

Microsoft Apps for the Busy Professional Using Android

Microsoft has their own mobile platform that they are pushing users to as much as possible, well maybe they could improve that, with Windows Phone, or Windows Mobile or whatever it is being called this month.  Anyhow, Microsoft are working on becoming more of a software and services company rather than just a computer OS […]

My Thoughts on Cortana Beta on Android, Good but could be Better

It is no secret that Microsoft is bringing Cortana to Android and iOS, along with many of their other software offerings.  If you are crafty you can get access to the Cortana beta right now for your Android device, just be prepared, it is a beta and (please help us entities in the sky) it […]

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