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AT&T GoPhone Customers Receive Limited Unlimited Option

“Unlimited” data plans are all the rage again with cell phone companies. The last time we saw this was back around the time the first iPhone came out. Yeah, it has been that long ago. The thing is, while the plans are “unlimted” you are only getting high speed data transfer rates up to a […]

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now Review

It is kind of weird reviewing a television service provider but here it is. DirecTV Now just launched and there is a bit of buzz about it, some from confused people. What DirecTV Now offers is just what it sounds like: access to DirecTV without having a satellite dish outside and all of the trouble […]

DirecTV Now

DirecTV NOW Coming to Mobile, AT&T Customers Get Possibly Illegal Bonus

When AT&T bought out DirecTV it was viewed by many as a bad thing and by others as a good thing. For some, it was a moment for concern as this merger could potentially change the way either company works in big ways. Well, if you are a mobile user and like your cable television […]

Verizon Introduces New Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Verizon is known for being the more expensive option when it comes to prepaid plans.  The cost of a monthly plan with one gig of data on Verizon is routinely the same price as competitor AT&T at two gigs per month.  It is interesting to note though, at the top-tier of 5 gigs per month […]

LG Phoenix 2 Available Today on ATT GoPhone Service

New cell phones on the AT&T GoPhone plan are getting rarer and rarer.  It seems that the pre-paid service is the bastard child for AT&T.  I started using the service when I purchased an old, even worse than most GoPhone offerings, ZTE phone that had a single core processor about 3 years ago.  Since then […]

Syntonic Accelerates Sponsored Data Awareness and Availability by Providing Free Mobile Access to CES Content with Freeway by Syntonic®

Mobile application, Freeway by Syntonic has made its biggest move yet, allowing AT&T customers free mobile data access to the worlds biggest technology show of 2016, the CES conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, from the 6th – 9th January, 2016This is the first sponsored data access for the conference, with the service being available to […]

Windows Phone, Should Microsoft give up the Flagship?

Windows Phone is not exactly burning up the sales charts, even though it is purportedly holding nearly 3% of the worldwide mobile market share according to the IDC.  Within the United States we see a very lopsided sales situation going on- low end is selling and the high end is dragging its feet way down […]

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