T-Mobile Rolling Out New, Cool, Feature for Customers

Digits by T-Mobile

T-Mobile is an interesting to watch cellular provider. Sometimes they do the cool stuff and other times they seemingly take three steps back with their actions. What often happens though is they get in the news no matter which action they take. Their latest move is one that is interesting on many levels and sure to please customers.

T-Mobile is rolling out a new program called “Digits”, a feature that simply allows customers to consolidate devices to one number for convenience. You may be thinking that you already can do that, simply log into each device, service, etc and use the same account across devices. Yes, you can do that. The problem is, do you want to spend the time giving everyone in a group, meeting, or your family your login details to things such as your mobile account? Probably not. With Digits, you don’t have to.

Using Digits is simple. According to The Verge,  “the service can allow families to have a shared phone number that rings all of their devices, no matter where they are. Or a second Digits number can be used as a burner line for when sharing your main phone number isn’t appropriate or safe.”

Digits is compatible with iOS and Android devices (sorry Windows Phone and Blackberry users). Also, you can use Digits with any device that can run Firefox or Chrome browsers (shucks again). There will be apps available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows computers to make use of Digits.

This is a great option for say, tour groups or for families on trips or businesses needing access to a certain set of employees with one call. Simply sign up for Digits and put in their phone number and then you can call the one Digits number to have all of their phones alert them to the text or phone call.

T-Mobile customers can access Digits for free with additional Digits lines costing $10 per month.

Source – The Verge

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