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There is this book series known as “Choose Your Own Adventure”.  That is the actual name of the series.  The idea behind them is that you are in control of the story, to an extent.  You make choices based on the situation at hand and deal with the outcomes.  There are a few mobile games that follow this style, mostly from Tin Man Games.  Swordbreaker is looking to throw its hat in the Choose Your Own Adventure game ring.  The interesting thing is, it is more graphical than similar entries.

These types of games usually have very little animation but above average artwork.  Swordbreaker is better than most.  Rather than being a wall of text with a black and white sketch, here you will see full color artwork.  The text is limited to the bottom of the screen in a scrolling window.  This is reminiscent of early point and click adventure titles or those old Questprobe games that featured Marvel characters.

Swordbreaker uses a point system.  At key points in the game you will be able to receive a “Coward’s Point” or “Hero’s Point” or worst of all, a “Murder Point”.  Considering Swordbreaker features three endings, I figure they are “good”, “bad” and “neutral” or something similar.  Kill too many people throughout your quest and get the bad ending, or vice versa if you don’t kill the right people.

If you miss the Choose Your Own Adventure style books then check out games like Swordbreaker that are quite similar.

Swordbreaker by Subbotinov Aleksandr Igorevich
Genre: Choose Your Own Adventure
Platform: Android and Steam
In App Purchases: No
Rated: T for Teen on Google Play
Available now on Google Play and Steam

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