Supergirl Season 2 Coming, CW Picks up Show

Supergirl is one of those really interesting shows that is not reality television.  This means that it is probably expensive to make (reportedly $1 million per episode) and on the chopping block at every turn.  While there are plenty of viewers liking the show, that doesn’t mean the network (CBS) is interested in continuing the financial promise it requires.  It seems that the second season will indeed happen.  On The CW- a collaborative effort between CBS and Warner Bros. 

The CW is also the home to other popular DC Comics properties, such as Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.  Now, The CW will be home to four DC Comics properties as Supergirl will make the jump starting with season two.  This is great news for fans as they will only have to remember one channel for all of their DC Comics related television (at least live action).

As Entertainment Weekly ( have stated, Supergirl just seemed out-of-place on CBS.  CBS has been notoriously known for their crime drama television programming.

It has been rumored that if they were to move Supergirl to The CW that there would be less money put into each episode.  These cuts in budget required a move of the show’s filming location.  Formerly filmed in Los Angeles, Supergirl season two will now be filmed in Vancouver Canada- much like many other television shows.

Vancouver has been the home to many television shows including Fox’s X-Files series.

Previously I posed the question about multiple DC Comics shows on multiple networks actually hurting the future of the product.  Mainly if there were plans for a Justice League show, how would it work with the heroes spread across many competing networks?  Now that Supergirl is going to The CW we only have Batman’s Gotham show to ponder where it will end up.  A Justice League show could get away with not referencing Gotham as that is an “origin” show for 99% of the Batman universe and doesn’t stray too much from the comics.  I mean, other than appearance of characters.

Anyhow, who is excited for Supergirl season 2?  Do you expect to see a drop in quality of the episodes?

Carl Williams

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