Super Bomberman R Coming to Nintendo Switch

Super Bomberman R

The Nintendo Switch is shaping up to have some interesting releases. There are the usual Nintendo titles–Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, and so on–but then on top of that, you have third parties showing up. Super Bomberman R coming from Konami may be a surprise for some; I am certainly surprised. Why? Because Konami has all but turned their backs on gamers by going all in on Pachinko machines. So why the sudden change of heart? Honestly, I don’t care; I am just hoping this is the beginning of Konami returning to anything but Pachinko gaming. For those that don’t know about the Bomberman series, well continue reading.

Super Bomberman R is the continuation of the venerable series that we saw begin on past consoles oh so many years ago. The idea is to run around the single screen maze and blow up your opponents. The real fun comes in when you add in a handful of friends and your favorite beverage of choice and snacks. Give it a few rounds and get ready for more trash talk than what you see in a Call of Duty online match. Yeah, Bomberman matches can get quite heated–especially if everyone is in the same room.

That brings me to the ways you can battle your friends and enemies. Both local and online multiplayer matches are available. Don’t worry if you are an introvert and not interested in battling others as Super Bomberman R features a story mode with over 50 stages of single player fun. As with any good action game, there are bosses to contend with in Super Bomberman R–big ones.

For fans like me, seeing a company like Konami (who own so many of my favorite classics) enter the Nintendo Switch market makes me interested in the console–just that little bit more.

Super Bomberman R by Konami
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Party game, action
Available March 3 as a launch title for Nintendo’s Switch console

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