Submerged Brings Combat-less Adventure to Android via Geforce Now Service

Post-apocalyptic adventures are nothing new for gamers.  We have seen this scenario more than a few hundred times in gaming.  Monsters that are only able to exist because of some horrific tragedy attacking you at every turn.  Scarce supplies, everything turned upside down and fear around every corner are just a few things we have seen in these types of games.  What makes Submerged by Uppercut Games different?  There is no combat.  There are no creatures out to eat you alive.

That is right, in Submerged you are tasked with just surviving in the post-apocalyptic world.  There are no monsters that morphed as they crawled through nuclear fallout or anything like that.  Just a huge city, which has obviously seen better days, to explore and figure out what happened.

It is not just you though.  Your brother has suffered a life threatening injury and requires supplies to heal/survive too.  This is pretty much the only sense of urgency that you will face in Submerged.  Granted, it is a rather big one.  Gamers are not used to this type of situation facing them.  It will be interesting to see how Submerged is accepted by the gaming audience considering how different it is from games that share a similar atmosphere.

Submerged is played from a third person point of view, similar to Tomb Raider.  You will be climbing, jumping and exploring quite a bit in this one.

You won’t be running about the landscape fighting bandits and avoiding huge creatures (unless you count oceanic life like whales that are just living life too).  As you progress in Submerged you will gain pieces of the story that flesh out the history of the city.  Also as you progress, the routes you take through the buildings and the city itself will get more complex and dangerous.

Submerged by Uppercut Games
Platform: NVIDIA Shield via Geforce Now service
Genre: Exploration
Available now on NVIDIA’s Geforce Now service

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