Study Shows Pokemon GO Players Activity Levels, Staggering Results

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Pokemon GO took the world by storm, one region at a time. For a short period, anyhow. Niantic have been struggling to keep players interested in the game. From pushing forward mysterious Pokemon such as Ditto to giving out regular, increased, prize give away events and more. Now a study has been released that shows just how much of an impact Pokemon GO has had on its user base.

The study, handled by the British Medical Journal, was conducted between August 1st and August 31st with a test group of 1,182 iPhone users that played Pokemon GO. The reason iPhone users were used in the test group was due to not all Android devices having a pedometer built in. Users provided screenshots of their data from the game for the case study.

What this study showed was that, early on, gamers were more active than people that did not play Pokemon GO. As the weeks went on, though, the level of activity amongst players fell to pre-game levels, or those equal to people that did not play the game. This was just a mere four weeks after the game was released. That is a staggering drop in interest levels among players.


This just shows that while early on, players are excited and willing to get out and walk more to capture Pokemon, the interest drops the more the game is played. There is no hard data as to why players are dropping off after about a month of play. Could it be lack of interesting things to do? Lack of real world locations giving out enough prizes to make gamers continue coming there? Maybe high drop locations are discovered early on (via social media or game groups) and gamers stop looking for good locations and simply use the well-known high drop locations.

The reasons for the drop in activity are certainly unknown but Niantic is trying to get players interested and active again with deals like they did with Sprint recently.

Source: British Medial Journal

Carl Williams

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  • Exare

    To put it bluntly: It’s because the game sucks.

    • Carl Williams

      I was an early fan but lack of content in my area (central Arkansas) left me with a lot of driving to do to even get close to anything like a Pokemon Gym and a few Pokestops. That caused me to stop early and just start reporting on it in general.

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