Steam Receiving New Scrolling Shooter Legacy of the Elder Star on June 7th

It is becoming more and more likely that we will see classic side scrolling style shooters on PC than we will on consoles.  That is kind of weird if you think about it.  This is a genre that was popularized on consoles such as the Nintendo NES, Sega Genesis, Playstation, etc.  PC’s were, and still are to a large margin, home to first person shooters and role-playing games (think Call of Duty and Diablo III though console ports exist of both).  Legacy of the Elder Star is just such a side scrolling shooter which is hitting Steam later this month.  There is a twist though.  It seems that there is always a twist for these things.

First, Legacy of the Elder Star features mouse controls, perfect for one-handed gaming.  The twist in this one is that you are able to move as fast as your mouse can so crank up that sensitivity and fly.  Another twist that fans will find, hopefully, interesting is gestures.  With gestures you can destroy the enemy with your ship.

Unlike many other modern shooters, Legacy of the Elder is NOT a bullet hell shooter.  Sure, there are times the screen is filled with bullets but that is not EVERY chance though.  Enemy patterns are randomized and changing each time you play- this will keep you on your toes and removes monotony that can set in.

You won’t set high scores hammering the continue button with Legacy of the Elder Star.

Another twist to look for in Legacy of the Elder Star is unlimited continues.  There is a slight penalty for hammering that continue button like a red-headed step-child though.  Your score will suffer.  If you are wanting to set the highest score possible you are going to have to get better and improve all aspects of your game.

Legacy of the Elder Star by Kickbomb Entertainment
Genre: Scrolling shooter
Platform: PC
Available June 7th on Steam.

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