Spy DNA Prepares for Steam Greenlight


Anyone that has played games for any decent length of time has experienced more than one tactical strategy game featuring soldiers. These games often have some semblance of realism built in, at least they want you to think that. Spy DNA is another tactical strategy game featuring soldiers and real world based weapons and armor. Things go a bit farther than the competition here though as in game items follow real world physics. Closely.

Set about 70 years in the future, Spy DNA gives you a squad of genetically enhanced super spies. Your goal is to recover the genetic enhancement research that was stolen from your benefactor’s lab. During your quest to recover this information you will face off against a lot of enemies – not all the super soldier, bad guys out to kill you, type either. You may face off against endangered animal traffickers, less than trustworthy scientists and even rogue military groups.

The real-world stuff comes into play when you enter the game. Weapons have realistic limitations and armor is not the “end all best” just because you found it later in the game. Take the armor for instance. Body armor is rated based on what caliber of bullet it can stop. If it does its job correctly, you end up with a bruise. If someone shoots you with a heavier caliber then you end up in a lot more pain, possibly dead. Keep that in mind when taking on the missions of Spy DNA as it may save your life more than you think.

Right now, Spy DNA is scheduled for a Fall 2017 release and will be localized into both Russian and German languages. There is a demo based on the Alpha version of Spy DNA available on IndieDB if you are interested in checking out what you can expect on Steam Greenlight.

Carl Williams

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