Space Rift Coming to Steam, Android and Playstation VR

Virtual Reality is making a comeback, if you haven’t heard yet.  For those of you thinking this is the first time VR has been touted, sit down for a minute and listen to my story.  Way back in the 90’s gaming companies had a love affair with virtual reality but technology simply was not ready yet.  That did not stop companies from trying and producing some real blocky crap.  Today, what I call the second life of virtual reality, technology is finally far enough along to actually make VR work.  Titles like Space Rift are now possible. 

We can now go into space and explore, harvest minerals and perform combat.  It is like Star Flight meets Wing Commander III with a bit of Star Trek mixed in.  What is cool is, the trailer even has a bit of a nod to the early days of CD-ROM gaming with the guy playing Space Rift put into a CGI world that he doesn’t quite fit in.  Nice touch.

What he actually sees in the VR headset is pretty cool.  The player shows off mining minerals off of asteroids and even a bit of combat.  The big thing about the VR views is that we see it is truly virtual reality.  Look at a panel screen to interact with it, follow the enemy ship to keep weapons trained, etc.

I hope this turns into a sandbox style space sim.  Not rigid like say, Wing Commander III but more like Star Flight or Star Control.  In those games you could damn near ignore the main storyline if you so chose.  You could literally spend all of your time mining, collecting ore, cataloging planets and completely ignoring the main story for quite a long time (only having to dip back in to earn better upgrades from time to time).

Space Rift is expected Summer 2016.

Space Rift by Bitcomposer Interactive
Developer: Vibrant Core
Genre: Virtual Reality Space Simulation
Platform: Steam, Android and Playstation VR
Available: Summer 2016

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