Six Top Mobile Games To Spruce Up Boring Commutes


Mobile gaming is on the up and up. A host of titles have burst onto the market in recent years and taken it by storm, and in the case of games such as Candy Crush and Pokemon Go, they’ve completely changed the industry. If you lead an incredibly busy life and find yourself just needing to take five and escape from modern reality then mobile games are the perfect solution. So what games should you play? We filter through just a handful in order to offer you some of the best mobile games out there. is an addictive arcade game where you control a colourful circle and move it over smaller circles controlled by other players to eat them. By eating other players’ circles your circle increases in size, with the objective in the game to be the biggest circle in the arena, and thereby un-eatable and shown as number one on the scoreboard. It’s incredibly simple game, but one which will have you cursing under your breath every time you a player sends back to square one, while the thrill of being the most powerful player in the arena is an oddly satisfying rush you’ll only otherwise experience in the likes of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or other all against all arena games.


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a collectible card game available on Android, IOS and PC. You earn monster and spell cards of varying rarities from purchasable card packs and use them to create a deck. You then use this deck to battle other players online across the game’s various platforms. Hearthstone starts off well with a soft learning curve, but it quickly introduces new mechanics which can lead to complicated and rewarding plays. To top it all off, the game barely uses any mobile data, which makes it perfect for socialising with friends on long commutes.

Football Manager

Football manager 2017 is the nerdiest way to enjoy the sport, and the app is a streamlined but essentially feature-complete version of the popular PC phenomenon which features both a multi-season ‘project’ campaign and challenge modes which keeps the game interesting and varied. While the game is incredibly close to its 2016 iteration there are enough tweaks to the game’s systems and interface to keep it fresh and interesting, and if you’re a big football fan you really don’t want to be giving this one a miss.

Casino Gaming

Casino gaming is a fun way to spend time and possibly earn some quick cash. With Google Play now allowing real money betting and gambling apps on its store there has been an explosion in apps and their popularity online, meaning now it the time to start playing! Many casino games offer free spins and some require no deposits to play, it can be a struggle to fine one with the right games and bonuses for you, but with a little research you can soon find the right game to play in your breaks.


Minecraft erupted quickly into an internet phenomenon. At one point, it seemed like everyone and their dog was playing the fabled sandbox game, in 2016 it was revealed that over one hundred million copies of Minecraft have been sold worldwide.. Its popularity has since slowed but that doesn’t mean the game is not worth your time, with the release of a mobile app Minecraft is now even more accessible than ever. If creating your own little world is something that could interest you, then download it and give it a try.


Crashlands is a crafting orientated action-RPG with a sci-fi storyline and a charming and colourful art style. The game slowly introduces the player to a progressive world of crafting and quests, with a relatively easy but still quite in-depth combat system and fun secrets around every corner. If Minecraft is too slow for you, Crashlands may be more your cup of tea as it focuses less on sandbox construction and more on the game’s creative rpg elements.

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So when you find yourself bored commuting or stuck on a break with nothing to do, consider adopting one of the things mentioned above. If none take your fancy there are thousands more for you to explore, most have a free demo so you can test out a game before you purchase to ensure your money isn’t going to waste. All it takes is a little research to find the perfect tech pastime for you.

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