Sinister Edge Brings Psychological Horror to both VR Headsets and Normal Android Handsets

It is not all that often that you will see a new title that supports cutting edge technology like virtual reality headsets and another, less technically impressive format such as normal handsets.  That is why it is so interesting that Sinister Edge, a new horror title, does indeed do that.  Sinister Edge purports to be a thrilling horror experience.  The trailer they have released definitely sets the mood to an extremely high spooky level.  Even spookier if you have the proper hardware to play it.

Everbyte, the developer behind Sinister Edge, have included intuitive controls that do not require additional hardware, though you can use an external controller if you like.  As mentioned already, Sinister Edge is playable with, or without, a head mounted display/VR unit which is great for those of us that have yet to take the plunge.  There is also a purportedly exceptionally long playtime in Sinister Edge- this is very subjective though so keep that in mind.

The scene for Sinister Edge is the usual deserted mansion at night but there is something “off” here.  Graphically, Sinister Edge certainly sets the mood.  Cabinets in the kitchen are dingy, there is a bloody shower curtain in the bathroom and well, that damn rocking toy pony in one of the bedrooms is just too much.

Sinister Edge is available for free on Google Play, offering In App Purchases.  Support for head mounted displays include Google Cardboard, Zeiss VR, Auvisio, Archos VR, Dive VR, FreeFly VR, Homido VR, Fibrum, and the HTC Vive.  As you can see, Sinister Edge supports quite a few head mounted displays which is great since there is not a standard for these things- till there is I don’t plan on purchasing one since I don’t want to get stuck with an Atari 7800 or 3DO here.

Sinister Edge by Everbyte
Platform: Android
Genre: Psychological horror/Adventure
Rated: Teen
In App Purchases: Yes
Available on Google Play

Carl Williams

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