Shadowgun Legends Shown at Gamescom 2016

Sure, Destiny is all the rage right now and if you are playing on mobile then you are left in the dark.  That is until now, well when Shadowgun Legends releases anyhow.  Persistent online worlds in the mobile world are nothing new.  We have seen them more than a few times in massively multiplayer online role playing games.  Shadowgun Legends is one of the first that is a shooter though.

“Shadowgun Legends is the result of six years of experience building the industry’s leading shooters.” said CEO, Cofounder, and Developer Marek Rabas. “We’ve taken all of the knowledge gained from our past titles, and honed it into our most ambitious project to date.”

Taking the classic first person shooter franchise and turning it all persistent multiplayer is a challenge.  MADFINGER Games are confident that they are going to be able to pull this one off.

Studio Head, Miguel Caron on the announcement: “Leading a studio where all four founders are also active developers in creating the gameplay, art and sound for Shadowgun Legends is remarkable in this industry.  I’ve never worked with a more passionate group of gamers.”

It is interesting that one of the most action packed genres is also one of the best on touch screen devices.  Many first person shooters are wall to wall action and require many button pushes.  The Shadowgun series have taken this genre by storm over the years and not looked back.

Shadowgun Legends by MADFINGER Games
Platform: Android and iPhone
Genre: Persistent Online Shooter
Rated: Probably going to be T for Teen
Available soon on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

Carl Williams

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